Case Studies for B2B

Unlock the Power of Social Proof

Our social proof as a service helps you create case studies, blog posts, and video interviews that will convince your prospects to buy from you with evergreen content and help your sales team increase their conversions with assets that shorten the sales cycle

Automate your Success Stories

Creating content that can actually lead to sales has never been more crucial. In a world flooded with information, you need a strategy that stands out and drives results.We create 100s of assets, all on your behalf.


They helped us creating dozens of assets that our sales teams leverage daily to close more deals.

Nick Christensen - AppSumo CMO

SalesProof became our go to service, to capture our best customer's stories, and the blog post they gave us paid the service itself.

Blaine Bolus - Co-Founder

SP handled the process from Interview to development to distribution of assets. I didn't spend any time on this efforts.

Ramon Berrios - Founder of

1 hour interview with your best clients.
We schedule, conduct and create dozens of assets from that call.

How We Solve It


We get in a call to understand your business model, your best case studies, what KPI's matters to you, and who's the right candidate for this process.

2. Conduct and Schedule our 1 hour interview with your Client

Once you intro us to your best prospect, we schedule and conduct an interview in which we capture every single detail of what make them successful. From possible objections to best outcomes

3. Asset Creation

From this interview, we'll create:1 Trailer1 Long form Video1 Blog Post5 Social Media Posts5 Short Form Videos5 Email Marketing Sequences

4. Delivery

This process takes of roughly 2 weeks, from interview to final outputYou have unlimited revisions on the final results

If you have successful stories to share, you're sitting down on missed revenue

Let us create ever green content you can leverage for organic content, paid ads and sales assets.

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